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Welcome to Irwell Self Storage, your trusted partner for all your storage needs. Our facility offers a range of unit sizes, from 25 to 100 square feet, catering to the requirements of both the general public and tradesmen. Whether you need to store personal belongings, business inventory, or equipment, we have the perfect solution for you. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your storage requirements.

  • Do you offer storage for business?
    Yes, we offer flexible contracts for short or long term Self Storage. There is no minimum stay.
  • How much does it cost to store with Irwell Self Storage?
    The price you pay is determined by the size of the room you need. As the rental charge is calculated according to the floor area of the storage room, the smaller the floor area the less you end up paying. Estimating the space you need isn’t as simple and straightforward as it looks. It depends on: - What you need to store - How stackable it is - How high the ceiling of the storage room is - Where the storage room is located in the storage centre, generally ground floor is more expensive - What sort of access you will need since you may want to leave a walkway through the storage room to get to your possessions. We can advise you on how to stack your goods and possessions to make maximum use of the space.
  • How does Irwell Self Storage verify my identity?
    Prospective customers are required to provide 2 forms of ID one containing their photograph, such as a passport or UK driving licence and an acceptable document confirming your current address. These documents allow us to check: Full name – forenames and last name Signature Date of birth Full permanent address You must provide original documents, not photocopies List of acceptable photographic personal identification UK (Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Irish) passport or EU/other nationalities passport, passports of non-EU nationals, containing UK stamps, a visa or a UK residence permit showing the immigration status of the holder in the UK (copy both parts) UK full or provisional photo-card driving licence A HM Forces photo ID card is acceptable but bear in mind that such cards must be surrendered upon leaving the forces so only those individuals currently in the forces will hold such a card Student ID cards List of acceptable confirmation of address documents Recent utility bill (gas, water, electricity or phone), or a certificate from a utility supplier confirming the arrangement to pay for the services on pre-payment terms at a fixed address. More than one utility bill may be accepted if these are from two different suppliers and utility bills in joint names can be taken Local authority tax bill (i.e. council tax) Most recent HM Revenue & Customs tax notification (i.e. tax assessment, statement of account, notice of coding) Financial statement (e.g. bank, building society) containing current address Mortgage statement from a recognised lender Local council rent card or tenancy agreement Benefit statement, book or card; or original notification letter from Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) confirming the rights to benefit (e.g. child allowance, pension) Insurance certificate UK court claim form TV licence Company letterheads & Business cards with business addresses shown or Company registration documents All identity verification is done face to face, never over the phone or by email, as your identity cannot be fully confirmed by these methods. Photographs are taken by web cam and retained on file once your rental contract is signed. These images require full view of your face and cannot include any family or colleagues; only the person signing the contract is allowed in the image. A new web cam image will be taken with every new contract that is signed to maintain an up-to-date identification process. This is so that new or covering staff are able to easily identify you as Irwell Self Storage clients and maintain the overall security of the Irwell Self Storage premises for all our customers.
  • What is the minimum rental period?
    You can store for as long as you want, there is no minimum rental period.
  • Who is Irwell Self Storage?
    Irwell Self Storage is one of the valley's largest and fastest growing self storage and office space rental companies. We pride ourselves on the friendly, expert service that we offer to all our customers.
  • Can I add an additional named contact for access?
    You are able to give access to your room to family/friends/colleagues but their details must be added to your contract in advance and their identity verified as above.
  • How do I calculate my Maximum Replacement Value?
    We must understand the total value of all goods stored with us, even if you arrange insurance elsewhere. It is, therefore, a requirement for all customers to declare a suitable Maximum Replacement Value and to ensure it remains adequate for the storage period. Your Maximum Replacement Value must represent the total current cost of replacing all stored property as new, except the following items where the replacement cost is calculated differently: • household linen and clothing, motorcars, motorbikes, boats, caravans, motorhomes and any other motorised vehicle, where the Replacement Value allows for the age, quality, degree of use, existing damage and consequent market value; • any goods which cannot be purchased new (such as antiques or works of art, for example), where the replacement value shall be the current market value; and • documents, where the Replacement Value shall be calculated as the physical cost of replacing the documents and/or cost of reprinting, re-issue and/or reconstitution, but excluding the value of the information contained in the documents If you opt for StoreProtect: If the Maximum Replacement Value you provide is less than the actual total Replacement Value of all of your property stored at the time of loss or damage, then our liability under StoreProtect will be reduced to reflect the proportion that your Maximum Replacement Value bears to the actual total Replacement Value ("Proportional Reduction"). For example: if the total replacement value of your property is £10,000, but you have declared a Maximum Replacement Value of £5,000, our liability will be reduced by 50%. So, if £3,000 worth of Your Property is lost or damaged, our liability would be £1,500. Please read our Self Storage Agreement and StoreProtect Addendum for further information.
  • Do I have to insure my goods?
    Our Self Storage Agreement requires you to either: accept our enhanced liability protection under StoreProtect; or arrange insurance at your own expense for your stated Maximum Reinstatement Value for the duration of storage. Please refer to our StoreProtect page for more information.
  • Do you have trolleys or forklifts available?
    All stores have trolleys and pallet trucks available free of charge for customers use. We also have forklifts available in many of our stores, which can be operated on your behalf by one of our trained staff.
  • What happens if I do not have the required documents?
    If you are not able to provide the above documentation at the time of signing up to store with us, we will automatically charge you for the applicable insurance charges based upon the value you have declared. You will then have a period of 14 days to provide the required information and sign our declaration to qualify for a full refund of any insurance fees charges to date. We always cooperate with the Police and HM Customs.
  • What documentation do I need to provide?
    If Irwell Self Storage customers choose to supply their own cover, they will be required to supply a letter/policy from the insurance company specifying: The sum insured The cover start and end dates The Irwell Self Storage address where they are storing their goods. Irwell Self Storage customers choosing to supply their own coverage must ensure that, at a minimum, it covers the same “Insured Perils” as detailed in the Irwell Self Storage T&C’s. Irwell Self Storage will need to take a copy of your insurance policy and retain this on file with your rental agreement. These documents will need to be supplied annually to Irwell Self Storage as they expire.
  • Is there anything I can't store?
    There are certain items which are not suitable for storage. Please see the following list, and also refer to condition 6.3 of our Self Storage Agreement: You must not store (or allow any other person to store) any of the following in the Unit: • food or perishable goods unless securely packed in hard plastic or glass containers so they are protected from and do not attract vermin; • any living creatures; • combustible or flammable substances such as gas, paint, petrol, oil, cleaning solvents or compressed gases; • firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition; • chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially hazardous substances; • any Goods that emit fumes or odours; • any illegal Goods or substances or goods illegally obtained such as, but not limited to, illicit (counterfeit/smuggled) tobacco or alcohol and unlicensed or unsafe goods (such as toys, electrical goods, medicines, aerosols, cosmetics, fireworks); • goods which are environmentally harmful or that are a risk to the property of any person; • currency, deeds and securities; • Property where the value to you cannot be assessed on a financial basis, including goods purely of sentimental value; and • any goods which are contaminated with food or any other substance which may deteriorate, rot, become mouldy or attract vermin. Please read our Self Storage Agreement for further information.
  • How long can I stay?
    You are welcome to stay as long as you require, from just one day upwards.
  • How high are your storage rooms?
    Depending upon the Irwell Self Storage store you choose the rooms range from 7 to 9 ft in height.
  • How often do I pay?
    We'll invoice you on a monthly basis - the same day each calendar month you moved in on, payable in advance. We do not charge a reservation fee and no notice period needed.
  • What is included in the price - are there any hidden extras?
    The price for storage. You will need a padlock to secure your room and your goods will need to be insured whilst they are in storage. Please ask in store or over the phone for a quote on insurance, this will depend on the value of your goods to be stored. To book a room is absolutely free with no obligation to take up storage with us.
  • What is self storage?
    Self Storage is a relatively recent service industry in the UK. Self Storage centres have a selection of room sizes that you can hire from a locker up to the size of a tennis court or larger, short or long term. You bring your goods or possessions to the storage centre, lock them in the room and come and go as you please during opening hours. You are the only key holder. You can store almost anything unless it is perishable, live or flammable. The best way to find out how Self Storage works at Irwell Self Storage is to pop down to our storage centre. If it's not convenient to drop in please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.
  • How quickly can I move in?
    You can move in on the same day as you make your enquiry (during office opening hours) providing that you have the relevant documentation needed to complete and sign your contract. Two forms of ID are required one of which must be a photo ID (passport or driving licence, for non UK citizens a passport will be required) and a utility bill less than 3 months old. Payment of a deposit and the first invoice must be made prior to moving in. Please check with the store team.
  • Do I need to pay a security deposit?
  • What do I need to open a contract?
    One form of ID is required, which must be a photo ID (passport or driving licence); for non UK citizens a passport or UK driving licence will be required). Payment the first invoice must be made prior to moving in. Please check with the store team.
  • What kind of payment methods are available?
    We accept credit and debit cards, which will be charged monthly.
  • What happens if I lose my key?
    Everyone loses things from time to time and if you lose your key it’s not the end of the world. Once your identity has been confirmed, Irwell Self Storage will cut the lock from your storage room for a small charge, so you are able to access it immediately. It will be necessary to acquire a new lock for your room after this, so it is advised that this is only a last resort option.
  • Do I need my own padlock?
    Yes, you need your own padlock to ensure that you are the sole key holder for your room and to ensure that your room is securely locked at all times. Irwell Self Storage stock full range of high security padlocks.
  • Can I transfer to another room if I need more or less space?
    The flexibility to change room sizes will vary depending on the type of storage contract you have agreed. This is not applicable if you have a specific term deal. Please advise the store team if you believe you may need more storage room size flexibility and they will make sure you have the correct storage contract in place.
  • How do I get my goods to you?
    You have to bring your belongings to the storage centre. Irwell Self Storage centre has ample car parking and large loading/unloading areas. Alternatively, we can recommend van hire with Please visit their website for a quote.
  • How does Self Storage at Irwell Self Storage work?
    You can store your goods or possessions from as little as a week for as long as you need. Storage rooms can be booked in advance to make sure the size you require is available on the day you need it. You can also easily switch to a smaller or larger room whilst in storage if you need to. Self storage at Irwell Self Storage is flexible, secure and hassle free, in fact it couldn’t be any easier, our one-stop-shop approach means our storage experts will deal with any problem you might have. All our people are trained to help and advise you to make sure you get the best service and value for money. What kind of security is in Irwell Self Storage? We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. To protect them our Self Storage centre has: Staffed receptions during opening hours Sophisticated alarm systems 24 hour recorded CCTV Intruder alarms Fire alarms Access to our storage centre is strictly controlled. Also, you are the only one with access to your room, which is locked with a padlock owned by you.
  • How often can I have access to my goods?
    You can come and go as you please between 8am to 5pm, outside of these hours is by appointment.
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